Blog #1

A great reminder of the wider impact triathlon, exercise & communities can have on a person. Thanks to Berni for sharing her experiences from the last 12 months….


“Never under-estimate the impact Fast Lane Coaching and it’s community can have on a person. 

 It was 12 months ago that I was juggling family life, career, adjusting to new life back in Oz, and just trying to keep my head above water with not a lot of time for me. Health issues were creeping - my blood sugar levels were starting to rise, I put on more than 7 kgs in 12 months, mentally foggy, and giddy spells were a regular occurrence. Something had to change. 

I am forever grateful to Lynda for introducing myself to Fast Lane Coaching. I approached the first running group completely scared but knew I had to start somewhere. I still remember wanting to pass-out after only running 15 minutes on those early days in February, however, it was the openness  and encouragement from of the group that made me keep coming back each week - until not too long I was hooked, and wanted to do what the 'cool kids were doing' :-) 

I went from a beginner with next to no fitness (I didn't even know how to swim except for doggy paddle) to doing a tri in 6 months! Jenny guided me on a journey that went beyond the technical stuff to get race ready. She created an open environment where I felt completely at ease to talk through any physical and mental hurdles you are facing and gave me the confidence to break through barriers that I never thought were possible. Jenny made me strive to continue to do better and I am a better person in all aspects of my life.

 As 2018 closes, my bloods show that my sugar levels have come down, I rarely have giddy spells, can manage my fears a hell-of-a-lot better, have my mojo back in business with clearer visions.  But most importantly I am better family member. 

So... never under estimate the positive impact that Fast Lane Coaching can have. It was only tonight that I reflected on the photo's from the Moana Tri and noticed that I was smiling in most of them! Who knew that something so challenging could be so rewarding? It's a wonderful community and I'm proud to be a part of it.”



Chloe Lane